Advanced FEBOS-CR Exam/ Diploma (Cataract and Refractive Surgery)

EBO ESCRS Examination 2018 – Applications Will Open Before the End of 2017

Applications for the 2018 Examination will open in December 2018. The Examination Board is currently reviewing all aspects of the 2017 examination. Updated eligibility criteria, curriculum and accompanying documents will be published in December, before applications open.

All queries about the 2018 examination should be sent to

The ESCRS and EBO have worked together to develop this examination for experienced cataract and refractive surgeons to prove their expertise and advanced knowledge of the subspecialty. Successful candidates will earn the post-nominal title of FEBOS-CR (Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology Subspecialist in Cataract and Refractive surgery). This is sure to distinguish those surgeons who achieve certification as potential leaders in the field, with superior knowledge and an ability to deal with more challenging cases.

A key aspect of this examination is that it is intended to certify excellence in the cataract and refractive subspecialty. Candidates must be independent surgeons, with strong surgical experience, including a varied case mix that includes a proportion of cases with complicating factors.

Format of the Examination

Please note: this examination will be conducted in English only. The examination will take place during the ESCRS Congress in Vienna in September 2018

  • The examination will follow the ‘Multiple Choice Question’ and oral structure.
    • 50 multiple choice questions (each question will contain a statement in the ‘stem’, and 5 true/false statements in relation to the statement)
  • 1 hour viva voce with 4 stations (10 mins each):
    • Candidate discusses their own surgical videos (submitted prior to the exam)
    • Candidate discusses a surgical video that they have not previously seen
    • Exhaustive case review (video, images, corneal topography, OCT scans, etc.) in which the candidate must discuss how they would manage a case, given diagnostic information etc.
    • Critical evaluation of the literature, sent prior to the examination

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