Encyclopedia of the Eye: v. 1-4

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Authors:Joseph Besharse, Reza Dana and Darlene A. Dartt

“As the first comprehensive reference for the eye, its support structures, diseases, and treatments, “Encyclopedia of the Eye” is an important resource for all visual scientists, ophthalmologists, and optometrists, as well as researchers in immunology, infectious disease, cell biology, neurobiology and related disciplines. This four-volume reference is unique in its coverage of information on all tissues important for vision, including the retina, cornea and lens. It also covers the physiological and pathophysiologic processes that affect all eye tissues. This Encyclopedia is invaluable for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are seeking an introduction to an area of eye research. Each chapter explains the basic concepts and provides references to relevant chapters within the Encyclopedia and more detailed articles across the wider research literature. The Encyclopedia is also particularly useful for visual scientists and practitioners who are researching a new area, seeking deeper understanding of important research articles in fields adjacent to their own, or reviewing a grant outside their immediate area of expertise.
This title includes many full colour, high quality figures and images throughout, to clearly illustrate the complex processes underlying function. Topics covered span the breadth of modern eye research. Online edition includes multimedia files. Each article of this title is written by a leading expert in the field. Each article gives a clear overview of the field with references useful for in depth reading. There are easy to find related articles by extensive cross-referencing, and current information that will be systematically updated. Together with Darlene Dartt, Director of Scientific Affairs at Schepens Eye Institute, senior editors Reza Dana, Chair Opthalmology Harvard Medical School, and Joseph Besharse, Chair Department Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy, Medical College Wisconsin, are leading a team of section editors and authors including the creme de la creme in eye research.”

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